Check out the interview with Marc Musselman, COO of Live Wires. If you are looking for in-ears at a reasonable price, hit them up!

There are only a few in-ear makers and I’ve only recently come across your products via a band that had inquired.  Can you tell me a little bit about the company and your involvement?  
My family has been making custom fit devices for the ear since the 1950′s.  We got our start in hearing aids and over the years have added other custom fit products such as hearing protection, communications headsets, and Bluetooth to name a few. Matrics has been making custom in-ear monitors for about 5 years now under the brand names myfones and LiveWires.

You make two models of LiveWires, a dual driver and a triple driver.  Does anyone need any more than that?
Musicians need what ever helps them deliver a kick ass performance.  If they can get that done with duals or trips then yeah, that’s all they need. We make and price LiveWires as a high value, low cost entry into custom in-ear monitors. We have a lot of customers getting it done with these monitors.

Who are some of your well known users?  
When you are a ‘value brand’, you don’t have the same names to drop as a luxury brand.  That said, we have users across all music styles, country artists/vocalists Keifer and Shawna Thompson of Thompson Square, drummer Mike Clemons for Israel and the New Breed and of course the Artery Foundation’s own Ben Harclerode, drummer for Whitechapel.

Who can benefit from in-ears?  What sort of things does a band need to know when making the plunge?
Anyone who wants to raise their level of performance, save their hearing or is sick of lugging around wedges can benefit from in-ears.  Besides, many venues are requiring the use of in-ears. When making the plunge into in-ears you need to make sure you get the sound you need , that the things fit and are comfortable and that they are reliable.  And, you need to make sure you are working with a company that can support you.  If your in-ears go down (stuff happens), you need a company that recognizes you need these for your next gig and does what is necessary to take care of you.

With ears as your focus, what can you say about musicians (and even the general public) and hearing loss?  What can they do to keep it at a minimum with all the noise that comes with touring and living?  Are custom molds for everything from playing out to going to shows something that should be considered? 
Hearing is fragile, we can begin experiencing hearing loss at sustained noise levels above 90db. Most music venues are 120db and higher.  At those sound levels you are doing damage and once it is gone it’s gone.  There is no fixing it. If you love hearing your music now, imagine how much you will appreciate it when you’ve reached the age of wisdom.

What do you look for when a band hits you up about an endorsement?  What sort of things do you help bands out with when they tend to put these things through the ringer?
Typically when someone is looking for an ‘endorsement’ they are looking for free stuff.  We don’t do free stuff.  If the artist/band seems to be someone we want to work with we sell them custom in-ears at a discounted price.  Endorsed artists are always a cell phone number away from speaking directly with us about their needs and at the front of the line for repairs (again, stuff happens).

How would someone know that LiveWires are a good choice if they’ve never used them before or even know anyone that has but are intrigued by the low price? 
That is always a challenge for someone purchasing custom in-ear monitors.  The best way to know if they are a good choice is to call us and let us talk about it with you.  If you share how you’ll use them, what you play, where you play, what you need from them, etc. we can point you in the right direction.

There seems to be a huge competitive market for ear buds and headphones.  Is that something you all plan to get into?  Anything else interesting in the works?
At this time we have no plans to get into mass market ear buds or headphones.  We are a niche company that knows how to make custom fit products and we are very good at what we do.

We do have an interesting thing in the works (at least it’s interesting to us).  We are launching another line of custom in-ear monitors under the brand name Alclair.  Our myfones and LiveWires customers helped us engineer the Alclair brand as a professional grade line of monitors. From component selection, sound signatures, product durability and service programs, this line represents the best of what we have learned from serving working musicians.  Alclair models range from dual driver through 5 driver per ear models. They are priced higher than LiveWires but are still a value compared to higher priced brands.



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