Funny man. Heavy band. Greg’s the bassist for Mass band The Red Chord. Never had a drop in his life.

Let’s just get down to it.. How the hell do you have a signature bass? Your contribution to music seems to be limited to a song about your mustache and a couple van tours. How did that transpire and what were the circumstances that led to that? Have you sold any?
As you have so kindly pointed out my net worth in the music industry may not add up to much but here I stand with not one but two signature bass models from two different companies. It started when I got involved with a bass company called Traben around 2006. The more I worked with them the more I made a connection with the people who worked there. One day my artist rep Dana asked if I wanted to have my own model and I was completely taken aback. I of course said yes and that led to the GW signature Traben. The company then moved to Kentucky from Florida and is now housed in the same place as B.C. Rich. Dana left and my new artist rep became a feisty little lady by the name of Debrah Malave. After a few more years with Traben, Deb asked if I would like to switch over to B.C. Rich. I agreed and now I have a GW signature model with them as well. The main difference between the two models is that the B.C. Rich helps you do better Karate. Check it out here if you want. http://bcrich.com/models/guitars-and-bass/Eagle/Greg-Weeks-Signature-Eagle/159. To answer you last question the Traben sold pretty well and this is the first year for the B.C. Rich so I’m still waiting to see how it’s doing.

What are your other endorsements and your current live set up?
D’Addario is another big one we have. Those guys are super great people and I love their gear. Planet waves as well. I play a Kustom Deep End bass head sometimes with an Ampeg v-4 or an Orange AD200 through a Kustom 8×10. Another great piece of equipment I have is the Tight Drive distortion pedal. The latest company to help us out is one called Toontrack. They are the creators of EZ Drummer and Superior Drummer. Great stuff to use while writing.

As far as taking care of business, what have you learned through the years in terms of dealing with AR reps and getting what you need while building solid relationships?
I’ve found that meeting the AR reps and building relationships with them really strikes a chord with them. My band does not have a manager so it was always either us meeting reps or our friends suggesting us and getting our foot in the door. I’ve definitely made relationships with people that will outlast this band.

When you started playing bass, what was a dream scenario for you as far as gear goes and did you ever achieve that outcome?
It has gone beyond anything I could’ve imagined. I’ve played D’Addario strings since I was 11 so to be endorsed by a company that you’ve been playing for so long is a dream come true. The thought of having my own bass had never even crossed my mind so that is just something that is beyond anything I had hoped for.

When it comes to touring and trying to save a little cash, what are some essential care habits as far as gear goes? How often do you change strings, tubes? What money have you spent that is well spent on products that have protected your musical investments?
Besides the big stuff strings are the most expensive things in a bass players life. I usually go 4-5 days before changing them depending on the weather. Wiping down the strings after a show is always a good idea and using string cleaner between shows should get an extra day or two out of them.

You’ve been doing this for a long time and you are a nice guy. How far does that get you in the music business?
You think I’m nice? I’m actually surprised how easy it is to build good relationships in this industry. You don’t have to be a pushy ass hole to get things done. I’ve been lucky with the companies I’ve worked with in that it’s not unexpected to make a phone call to them about business and end up talking for a half hour about ridiculous shit. I’m sure AR reps deal with rock stars all day or their management. Never have your manager call your rep. Also, send them shirts and CD’s of your stupid band. They send you stuff, don’t they?

Do you feel like you’ve missed anything by not drinking a drop of alcohol for your entire life? What decision did you make and how did you stick to your guns?
I’ve literally missed nothing. I’d rather be the guy who tells people what they did the night before than ask what I did the night before. It’s real easy to stand by any lifestyle choice on the road and off. I’m so old now that I don’t even really think about it anymore and it’s never been an issue with the people I’ve surrounded myself with.

Your interviews on Metal Injection are priceless as is your mustache song and some of your other antics in addition to your thick Boston accent. Have you ever thought about a comedy album?
There are a lot of unfunny people out there and you aren’t one of them. Comedy seems a bit intimidating. I mean standing up on stage if front of a bunch of people acting and looking ridiculous? It seems so foreign to me. In reality though every one of our shows is a comedy act.

What else is up?
Not much, just enjoying the weather at home working on new TRC, 6th Seal and other stuff. You?

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