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What companies are you currently endorsed by?

EVH Amps, Blackstar Amps, Mesa Boogie, EMG, Samson, ESP, Dean Markley strings.

What was your first endorsement and what effect did it have on you as a guitarist?  Was it one of those motivators that sort of signified your burgeoning presence on the scene?

Our first endorsement was with ESP Guitars. It was very exciting to get free guitars but basically that was it. A couple free guitars and our name on their website. At that point it was not something that boosted our profile at all.

You recently went to ESP after a long time at Ibanez.  Can you talk about that change at all?

Ibanez makes great guitars and the people that I worked with there were great. But I wanted to try something new.  ESP has awesome guitars in addition to there being more room to grow. They also get their artists more coverage than any other company.

When it comes to taking care of your business with the companies you endorse, do you have fairly personal relationships with the AR reps?

Yeah, I always call my dudes and shoot the shit with them and they always come out to shows and hang out with us.

Your Twitter is very active with kids asking questions about beer and your set up and you respond with humor and speed.  Do you enjoy trading your secrets?

Yeah, Twitter is great for talking to fans and answering gear questions or music questions. I think its cool that people are interested.

As a guitarist, what are your long term plans?  In other words, in the next 20 years or so, how do you see your career evolving or devolving?  Will it take a back seat to beer drinking and raising a family, or will you always shred with your mini-Marshall?

Just keep going as long as we are still having fun and creating the music that we want to hear. I would like to think that I will always play guitar and have some sort of creative outlet.


You also made some instructional videos with Rock House.  What do you feel your unique contribution is to educating young guitarists?

Teach a man to riff and he will shred for a lifetime.


Any last words of wisdom or humor for a young guitarist that wants to build a career in the likes of yours?

Have fun, and don’t be an asshole.

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