This site has been something in the works for awhile now.  Most of my experience in the music business has dealt with endorsements and it was something I grew to love.  I am not an expert in instruments by any stretch of the imagination, but I found that working in management, bands love getting endorsements and managers generally like to focus on their other needs, so I found a niche and it was something I liked to do and the people were great to deal with.  Plikm is an extension of my work and I saw there was a little void when it came to getting a lot of this info out there.  I’m curious what people play and why they play that, why one player loves one brand over another, and what work an artist puts in to get to where they are with their endorsements.  It all helps me learn.  Further, I’d like to get in the heads of the AR department heads and reps and what their lives are like.  My world is mostly younger artists, and they have a lot knowledge and the younger fans and players have a lot of questions, so I hope to help out in that regard.

My intention for this site is to bring every aspect of the gear world as far as endorsements go into one place. Since I do not want to focus on one instrument exclusively and I work across the entire gear spectrum, so to speak, I want to include a little bit of everything, as everyone does something different and it’s all worth knowing.

Since it’s all very new, please send me any suggestions, input, ideas, etc. If there is something or someone you’d like to see on here, I’ll see what can be done.

Thank you for checking this out.


michael [a] plikm.com